Sushi Friday

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It’s Sushi Friday. Almost every Friday I buy fresh fish and my husband and I make maki and nigiri sushi, chirashi and sashimi.I look forward to it since sushi isn’t that many points. Thank goodness one of my favorite foods isn’t a point hog.

My weekly weigh in on Tuesday was +.5 pound. I think I know what went wrong but also for the last 5 days I’ve been doing Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. I took 1 day off (wednesday) because my legs hurt so bad they were giving out sometimes on me. Now I don’t have any aches or pains. In fact I know I will be ready to graduate to level 2 in 5 days.

I hate Jillian. I mean, I love the workout it is actually effective but I think Jillian Micheals is the devil incarnate. I must like the abuse because I plan on getting more of her dvds.  I also have Tae-bo cardio.

My friend from college is obsessed with Billy Blanks. She’s been doing Tae-bo since – well we’ve been out of college about 10 years now so since then. She keeps recommending him to me but I am not so sure. I’ll give him a try.

I’ve been really good with diet. Eating more filling foods than not except this morning. This morning I wanted to have a whole wheat bagel with a tbsp on cream cheese so I did. It was quite delicious and kept me full until lunch.

Crappy moment of the day:

I was working on something at work and on my desk was a miniSD card (2gb one). Also next to it was a crumb so I went to wipe the crumb on the floor and wiped off the miniSD card. And, seriously this is a 1 in a million chance, it fell into the f-ing wire pipe. The wire pipe is a pipe laid into the concrete floor so that ethernet or wiring to the backup battery can be fed between my office area and the server room.

I am so f-ing pissed. I’m covering that hole Monday… Saranwrap and a rubber band. UGH.

I’ve weighed myself throughout the week and I know I didn’t lose anything. Last week I didnt fully use my points up as much, this week I made sure to eat at my points with about 5 points into the weekly allocated points. Jillian gives me 5 activity points or so a day but I don’t eat those.

In other news: baby kitty that was in my car engine for 3 days is a She. Vet gave her a clean bill of health- except ear mites. YAY!


More calculations…

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The Good, the Bad, the UGLY:

Good: My coworkers are very supportive, considering they are IT guys. They live off Zingers and BBQ chips and don’t gain an ounce.
The Bad: I hate doing math before I eat. I am constantly thinking about what goes in my mouth, though. Which is a step up.
The Ugly: None really, although there was a bee in the house. That’s ugly.


Weight watchers wise I am doing fairly excellent. I did have McDonalds yesterday because my husband was hungry for it. He can eat whatever he pleases and not have to worry. I ate a hamburger, side salad w/ low fat balsamic vinagarette (YUM) dressing, and a yogurt parfait w/ the granola. I asked for a diet coke but they gave me a regular coke.

hamburger: 5 pt
Coke: 3 pt
Side Salad: 0 pt
Dressing: 1 pt
Parfait w/ Granola: 3 pt

That made dinner 12 points which isn’t bad at all.  I actually didn’t use all my points, I had about 11 leftover.

Friday I came out 2 points leftover.

Chips and Salsa.
I totally didn’t eat enough points that day and I walked around walmart and lowes and Kroger for at least 4 hours.

I generally do not eat as much on the weekends. This weekend I spent 2 days working on a cat veranda with my father in law and husband.


Tomorrow is weigh in. I have done pretty good. I have really really been terrible about consistent exercise, especially since my ankle was swollen until today. I will try to do at least 15 minutes of the exercise video I have. My mistake with exercise is I don’t build up, I just jump right on in to 45 minutes of it.

I ate oatmeal for breakfast w/ 3/4 cup of fat free-lactose free milk.
Lunch was a cheese quesadilla and some guacamole.
I had 14 points left over so I had 2 cheeseburgers (they are small)

If I don’t do the exercise video, I have the Wii. I actually play tennis for 2 games, Wii box for 30 minutes, then bowling (my personal favorite) for however long I want. Surprisingly it is better than going to Curves- at least for me.

❤ Christine

I thought I was going crazy!

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Not weight loss related but here is a story:

Wednesday morning I got into my work parking lot when I heard a kitten meowing. I found a kitten that is about 1 month to 6 weeks old (he looks just weaned) and picked him up. When I was rearranging stuff in my car the cat jumped out of my arms and ran inside the engine of my car. A coworker and I poured water on him to try to get him out but he wouldnt budge. When I came out again later, I honked and opened my hood. I didn’t see him so I drove. Later again I thought I heard him so I rushed down the stairs and twisted my ankle and took a pretty bad spill. When I got up I stopped hearing the cat’s meow. A coworker mentioned that they saw someone with a carrier so he thinks the cat was taken to the shelter or vet.


At home around 8 pm:
I am sitting crocheting and I hear a cat meow outside. It sounds like the kitten. He has a pretty loud distinctive mew. I went outside and listened. I didn’t hear anything again. I tell my husband who says, “maybe he hitched a ride home with you?” I said, “Can they do that?” He says, “We drove with a cat in our car for a couple miles but it hopped out and it didn’t end well. I don’t think it could ride for so long in  your engine.” He tells me I am hearing things.


Husband complains he is hearing a cat outside yowling. He says maybe I am not crazy.


I walk out to my car to leave work and I hear the cat meowing. I am thinking it is stuck in the church next to our lot so I walk around but cannot find it. I don’t hear anything anymore so I drive about 30 miles over 60 mph to a restaurant to meet friends.
After we eat a friend and I decided to go to the Chinese dollar store because a) I needed sushi vinegar and wasabi and b) she had never been there and the Chinese dollar store is amazing!!!! While driving there I hear the cat. I believe I am going insane.

I pull into the lot and open the hood and the kitten is hanging on for dear life. After about 30 minutes I pull him out.

He is now meowing his head off. I cannot keep him because I have 2 cats already. My mom just survived lung cancer so I thought she might want a kitty (since she has been thinking about one) and this guy seemed pretty much a match for her.

Aside from the cat I ate at the mexican place 2 cheese quesadillas at 8 points total and guacamole totalling 2 points.  For lunch I had a club sandwhich and broccoli- steamed. (total of 8 points). For breakfast I had a cup of fat free lactose free milk and oatmeal for 7 points total.

I weighed myself and my scale says another 5 pounds gone. Yay!

First Post!

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Hi, I am Christine. I had a really great post all mostly written when my <sarcasm> beloved </sarcasm> Mac decided to misinterpret my keystrokes into “select all, delete, t'”.

Here’s the skinny (pun maybe intended):

I am in Weight Watchers. I go to meetings at work so it’s pretty convenient. My first weigh in was yesterday and I was minus 7.4 pounds. I figure a journal will somehow help chronicle my adventure in a healthier me. A New Christine. I will not have old adventures. 😉

I want this to be my last time in my life I ever have to lose a significant amount of weight. I am not going to show pictures right now just a tad too embarrassed. My first goal is to just get to 12 pounds. I hope to have lost some weight before I go to Vegas.

Even when I do lose the weight I will always be a fatshionista.



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